Sunday, 15 September 2013

The wind of change

WARNING, it's nearly midnight, I am rambling, all of this is probably only interesting to me, so don't feel bad if you don't read it...

I don't do well with change. Well, I suppose I think that I don't, but I actually probably do. The one thing that I have learnt since I have become a mum is that whenever I get used to something the kids do or don't do, it will change withing a very short time-frame.

So let's see what is changing...

During the summer I have introduced that each day is either Tara's day or Lia's day. Fi will join in when she is 3, until then every day is her day too as she is younger she can't wait well. yet :-) This small game has really increased Lia's confidence and has helped Tara to learn to wait and generally to stop doing much of the typical first child behaviors she would have exhibited in the past. I suppose I was at fault as I was so concerned about her speech development for years that I have focused a lot on what she said and spent time correcting it, etc. But now her speech is almost completely caught up in both languages which is a huge relief.

Our 2 eldest have started playing n our estate. This is not something that would have been the done thing when we were growing up so we are watching with great interest how their personality and independence develops through this.

Tara is now in first class taking the school bus and doing a whooping 8 hours of gymnastics every week. She is now in school from 9-3 which I find way too long. This year is supposed to be the big leap after the infant years in school work, I hope she will do OK, she has already complained that they do very little arts and crafts. So now we make sure that we have a special crafts afternoon every week and a baking day...

Lia has started junior infants, she seems quite happy and is mainly looking forward to starting have proper playdates. She has really come a long way socially and confidence wise this summer, so I am looking forward to seeing a happier, less whiny Lia this year. I anticipate that she will come out of Tara's shadow as she will no longer be the small sister of Tara. It also helps that she has been invited to join the junior squad for gymnastics for 3 hours a week and is in a different team than Tara.

I will continue about Fi and me another day as there is a lot to say.

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